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The Luxury Doctor

The Luxury Doctor started the concept of Personal shopping in 2015. As a starting entrepreneur we began operating exclusively through individual business to business. In 2020 we opened an online social media platform for customers around the whole world. We feature established designers as well as emerging and avant-garde talent, our model revolves around the stocking and re-sale of extremely desirable and niche designer clothing for female and male. The Luxury Doctor also offers customers- & exclusive request service. Customers can send their designer merchandise to us and we make it happen for our customer. The Luxury Doctor’s ability to spot trends and releases combined with their growing network of resources, making it the ideal “go to” place for the latest fashion and designer trends.

Private shopping

The Luxury Doctor offers private shopping for customers to provide an exclusive experience. This service allows customers to schedule a personal shopper who will meet with them and assist them in finding clothing items that fit the customer’s style. Customers can choose what they want and the private shopper will purchase the items on their behalf.

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